Sci-Links 01/03/2008

March 1, 2008 at 5:09 pm (SCI-LINKS) ()

Physicists Demonstrate Qubit-Qutrit Entanglement

Coherent Electron Scattering Captured By an Attosecond Quantum Stroboscope

Electronic structure of DNA revealed for 1st time

MemeBox has announced the public beta release of Future Blogger, a blogging community dedicated to exploring the future.

WorldWide Telescope peers into Big Dipper

The Encyclopedia of Life, No Bookshelf Required

The Truth About Autism: Scientists Reconsider What They Think They Know

Penn researchers engineer first system of human nerve-cell tissue

Blood test could reveal bipolar disorder

Adobe Blurs Line Between PC and Web

‘Exaflop’ Supercomputer Planning Begins

Εξιστορώντας το πρώτο γεγονός στον Κόσμο: το Big Bang


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